About the Department


The department of Physiology of Katwa
College is one of the Biological departments
under the University of Burdwan which was
started from the session 1968 although the
subject Physiology was taught as an honours
course later on from 1996 The First teacher
Dr Anjan Paul was one of the most popular
and well known person of the college as well
as in the Univesity He made physiology as a
popular subject among the local students of

 To empower the students to face the challenges of life
both academic as well as personal,
 To inspire the students for life long learning,
 To prepare the students to be better human beings
who are physically, mentally, morally and spiritually
educated and responsible citizens of a challenging
 To innovate new, more effective and alternative
techniques and interactive method of teaching.
 To develop the analytical ability, critical and
independent thinking of the students.

 Department of Physiology aims to provide the best
education possible to students who come from diverse
backgrounds We seek to provide an environment of
learning which is beyond the boundaries of class, caste,
religion and gender Students in collaboration with faculty
and staff are made aware and sensitive of their moral
responsibilities and social issues We intend to provide a
platform where, during the most formative years of their
lives, students may learn to explore, argue and assess all
social, economic, cultural and environmental issues before
them Our department endeavours to produce skilled
individuals capable of making the world around them a
better place to live in.

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